From cradle to grave, GSR Sentinels offers a full range of hazardous material related services to ship owners worldwide. We assist ship owners in ensuring vessels are in compliance with regulations such as Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) requirements and provide solutions for sustainable and responsible ship recycling.

Vessels contain substances hazardous to the environment and human health in one form or the other. The hazardous materials are to be Identified and listed in an IHM, previously known as ‘Green Passport’. Effective development of an IHM requires is a structured approach and potentially a concept to control hazardous materials on-board ships if found to be required. This is relevant for achieving compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. By identifying the Hazardous materials on-board, you can ensure the safety of crew members through the vessels working life, you fulfill a legal requirement of EU applicable from end of 2020 (HKC in future when it will enter into force) assure safe handling of the materials at the point of recycling.

The requirements for the IHM differ slightly according to if a vessel is under construction, already in service or due to be recycled

Prior to Recycling IHM

An IHM Part II (hazardous wastes) and Part III (hazardous materials in store) are required just prior to recycling. Otherwise a vessel cannot be accepted by the ship recycling facility. GSR Sentinels will assist in adding the required extra elements to existing IHMs or, if an IHM Part I is absent or sub-standard, conduct a fully intrusive IHM survey.


It is mandatory for all ships larger than 500 tonnes to keep an IHM. The IHM is the key requirement as per Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation 2013.

Our IHM development is in accordance with the Guidelines MEPC269(68) of IMO and also Best Practice Guidance of EMSA developed in light of EU Regulation No 1257/2013.


Preparation of IHM

  • Collection of necessary information and documentation.
  • Preparation, on board visual inspection and sampling check.
  • Collected samples sent for laboratories analysis.
  • IHM prepared by our trained and certified personnel

We can also use this one


Phases Turn Around Days Output
Plan 1-2 Visual and Sampling Plan
Travel to Ship 1  
Onboard survey 2-4 Visual and Sampling Check Records
Travel back from Ship 1  
Lab analysis 7-10 Laboratory Results
Report 1-2 Report
Total 14 - 21 days  


Submission of reports to Class and request for SOC Verification / Initial survey carried out on board by Class SOC issued by Class upon satisfaction


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